How to Ensure Safety Before Pe Lesson Plans

If you’re a physical education teacher at a school, be it kindergarten or high school, responsibility should always be your top priority. Injuries and accidents are always a nonstop concern with the running activities and all. What can you do to minimize these? How can you play your role other than making PE lesson plans?

PE lesson plans can only make effectively when you can ensure and assign some safety guidelines and regulations with your students.

Here are few tips as to what you can do to have the safe session for 6-year-old kids.

1. Talk to your students

Begin the process by taking the first day of your Pe session to talk to the students regarding their personal space bubble. Ask them to build up an image that shows that they are moving inside a moving bubble wrapped around them. Tell them that if they touch another’s person, their bubble will pop. And if their bubble is popped, they are needed to come and see you in order to get a new bubble.

2. Talk about the freeze signal

Before you begin, talk about the freeze signal you will have. It could be a blow of a whistle, loud clapping or with two short whistles. Demonstrate to them how you want them to get frozen. Be right back it with their hands in their head, one leg on the ground on the ground or any way you find it easy for them to practice.

3. Set the rules

Once you have set the foundations, tell them the different way you can allow them to move around the room. Remind them to move in a way that doesn’t break their space bubble.

Different ways of locomotion could be walking, hopping, galloping, jogging, tiptoeing, skipping, side stepping and jumping.

Be sure to participate along as it will create a good role model for the students.

Make a gesture to use when the students come to you to restore their popper space bubble. It could be a small pat on the head or anything sweet.

Note the number of pats Per student and penalize repetitive bubble pops by making them sit for some time. This will ensure discipline and injuries will be less to occur.

If you start every lesson of yours with a little warmup and a review of this lesson, then your students are to be safe for the remaining time of the year.